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How to Use Creator Studio

Updated: May 25, 2023

My biggest time-saving marketing tip? SCHEDULE!

Emails, social media, blog posts - schedule all of it!! (Yes even to Facebook and Instagram at the same time!)

Every other week, my husband has the baby for the day, and I take a full work day to do my own marketing. This means scheduling social media content, writing blog posts, setting up email newsletters, etc. That way, I keep a cohesive thought going and can run with a topic wherever it takes me with minimal interruption.

One of the questions I get most often is what I use to schedule social media posts. I generally lean away from third party scheduling apps as there has been some mixed results regarding whether the algorithm downgrades them due to sending information through a third party. BUT Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all allow you to schedule ahead of time right within the platform. The video above is a tutorial on how to schedule to Facebook and Instagram all at the same time through Creator Studio. As long as your Facebook page and Instagram account are connected, you can use this to save so much time!

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