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How to Write to a Catholic Audience

"How do you do, fellow kids?" That's what it sounds like when we are talking AT our target audience instead of to them.

It's really easy to fall into the trap that because we know our ministry's subject matter, everyone else does too, but chances are, the "average Joe" doesn't.

Case in point: Which is more familiar to you?

  1. "Brand positioning" (the official marketing term), or

  2. "What makes your ministry unique"

Most likely the second, and so when we're marketing our ability to help with this, we'd say something like "We help highlight what makes your ministry unique" versus "We help with brand positioning."

Another example: if we're trying to reach new converts, we might avoid Catholic "catchphrases" like TLM or domestic Church that would be unfamiliar.

Getting to Know You

So how do we know how our target audience would express their needs?

  • Join Facebook groups or follow social accounts that your audience would and go through the comments. Keep a notes folder on your phone or computer with words or phrases that come up a lot and use those in your marketing.

  • Ask them! Do a survey, hold a focus group, call up your best friend and just have a conversation about what you do. Listen again to the words and phrases they repeat often - chances are, it will also define their pain point.

  • Write out marketing copy. Underline any word that would need defining to anyone younger than 14 and replace them with more familiar terms.

  • Talk conversationally! The best marketing content is one that feels like a familiar conversation with a friend, not something you once read out of a textbook.

Market to Feelings

The greatest piece of marketing wisdom we can ever impart on you? Market to feelings, not to wallets.