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Website Design

We get it - you're constantly hearing that your website needs updating, and it feels like a never-ending project.

If you're a parish, parishioners are perpetually complaining that they can't find the Mass times or office hours (so instead, they call your parish office and take up the secretaries' valuable time).

If you're a business owner, you know the services or products you offer like the back of your hand, but amidst family life, work life, education, and oh yeah, running a business, you just don't have the time to make it all happen. You know you won't make sales without a polished website, but your business is so related to the faith, you don't want to trust the content to someone who doesn't understand what you do.


That's where we come in. Gloriam can help you give your website a fresh look and has the practical and theological know-how to get it done, all while giving God glory and bringing others to Christ, so you can get back to doing the more important things in your ministry. It's that simple.

Gloriam's web design services include content development for web pages, design tips and implementation, analytics reporting and evaluation, and more.

Additionally, we also offer SEO-editing packages that will help to boost how you rank in a search engine such as Google, which is important to your overall marketing strategy.

Just looking for another set of eyes on your site? We can help with that too! Gloriam's website consultations take a look at your site overall and offers suggestions on how to improve clarity, SEO, appearance, and more.

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