Catholic Wedding and Sacramental Programs

Catholic wedding programs

Getting married involves lots of details – the dress, the guest list, invitations, the dress, cake, music, flowers, candles, food, hors d’oeuvres – the list goes on and on. In the midst of it all, even very religious brides can fall into the trap of losing sight of the most important part of their wedding – the Sacrament.

While prepping for her own wedding in June of 2017, Gloriam’s founder Emily ran into an issue trying to figure out how to politely yet accurately phrase a portion of her wedding program that would instruct non-Catholics what to do during Communion. She agonized for hours over wording, fonts, and more, spending so much time on what at the time seemed to be a menial task.


As she worked on the programs more and more, however, she began to realize that her wedding was quite possibly the one opportunity she would ever have to evangelize to members of her family and friends and that what was needed was a more thorough explanation of the Sacrament. And thus, the Catholic Custom Wedding Insert was born.

As an offshoot of Gloriam, Emily also offers her services to Catholic brides looking for wedding program design and printing. Using a standard template for a Catholic wedding Mass, Emily will design the program according to your liking and fill in the blanks with your readers, gift bearers, etc. You won’t have to worry about looking up all of the nuances of a Catholic nuptial as Emily already has it all laid out.


Additionally, the Catholic Custom Wedding Insert, based off of the one Emily created for her own wedding, can also be customized to fit your needs if you would like to include an explanation of the Sacrament of Matrimony in with your wedding program. Emily will work with you closely to provide an insert that is both catechetical and fun, covering topics such as the meaning behind the exchange of rings, fun facts about the readings chosen for the Mass, and the distribution of Communion. Click here to learn more.

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Programs are also available for other sacraments as well! If you're looking for a program for baptisms, communions, confirmations, or ordinations, we are happy to help.

**Churches, Gloriam can also adapt the programs and inserts to booklet form to share as information on the sacrament for engaged couples in your parish. Please contact us for more information.

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