Catholic consulting for parishes, schools, and businesses

Consulting Services

Marketing strategy

Whether you're a parish employee, school administrator, or Catholic business owner, learning how to promote yourself can be hard - and often seems countercultural to what we're taught as Christians.


The thing is, Catholic marketing is not bragging; it's an invitation extended to encounter Christ.

At Gloriam, we can help you navigate both the spiritual and practical aspects of promotion. We can help you put together a marketing plan with reasonable, actionable next steps for your whole staff to set you on the path to success, or we can do your marketing for you, and take one less thing off your plate!

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Liturgical consultations

After eight years in church work, Gloriam's founder Emily Ricci knows a thing or two about parish life. Allow Emily to share her expertise with you in planning and running the "behind-the-scenes" work of the Mass.

A Gloriam liturgical consultation will take place over a few hours on a Sunday morning. Emily and her team will attend Mass at your parish twice - once as attendees and once from the back of the church, evaluating both the parishioner feel and the organizational structure as a whole. After the Masses, Emily can provide a follow-up meeting with any of the members of your staff who would like to attend. Written documentation and clear next steps for implementation will follow.

Liturgical consultations are $100.

(Currently, liturgical consultations are only available within a 50-mile radius from zip code 12590.)


Bulletin consultations

Emily worked on her parish bulletin for a few years as part of her other parish responsibilities, and he would love to pass on what she's learned to you! Bulletin consultations will cover design elements, collection of content, and distribution of the bulletin, with best practices that are easy to learn for those with little to no design background.

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Social media consultations

Social media consultations are one of Gloriam's most popular services. In this one-hour crash course, you'll learn about the different types of social media and their intended uses and audiences, how to schedule and find content for your posts, and come up with a social media marketing strategy that works for you. Plus, you'll receive a written follow-up after the call with actionable, practical next steps. 

Social media consultations are $30. Contact us today to schedule yours!



Other consulting opportunities

Additional, Gloriam also offers consulting in:

  • Ministry training

  • Sacrament coordination (preparation process, logistics planning, etc.)

  • Parish Office management

  • Flocknotes implementation and use

  • Youth Ministry

  • Faith Formation

  • Web design

  • Parish evangelization

  • Event ideas