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Catholic Marketing?

Catholic marketing is just another term for evangelization.

As Catholics, we're used to the concept of evangelization. That's comfortable. Marketing, on the other hand, can be foreign. Marketing is full of tactics and strategies and "me-centered" philosophies.

So as Catholic marketers, we take a different approach around here. We use the best practices of marketing and communications and use them to promote God instead of just another product or service.

How do we promote God? By promoting your ministry.​

So your ministry needs some marketing. Why hire a specifically faith-based marketing agency?


Hiring a Catholic marketing agency means...

  • Not having to explain what indulgences are or that Mass should be capitalized

  • Having a marketing agency that not only promotes your business, but also helps you promote God in the process

  • Having not only our expertise, but also our prayers, on your side

In other words, we get ministry, because we are one, and we can help market yours.

Why hire a.png

Why Gloriam?

We're Catholic. Like, really Catholic. Like, perpetual Adoration, worship music in the background as we work Catholic.

We're also small, which means we get small business. We're not going to scoff at your small advertising budget; we'll work with you to get as much as we can out of your parish or ministry's shoestring budget.

And we like to think that we're personal. Think of us as a new ministry team member. We're not just going to do your marketing and leave. We're going to continue to advocate for you long after your project is over. We take on projects that we're passionate about because we're excited to be a small part of your ministry's work.

So that means replies back to emails at 7 am and 7 pm (and maybe even 3 am if our president is up with her small child). That means an individualized prayer that we write for each of our clients to pray before beginning work on their project. That means having a team as passionate about your idea (and the faith) as you are.

Meet  Your Marketer


Hi! I'm Emily, founder and owner at Gloriam. I started this business because I was right there in the trenches...aka, parish work. I have more than eight years of experience working for churches, including youth ministry, event/liturgical ministry coordination, administrative duties, and more.

While in those roles, I saw a need for more dynamic Catholic communications and followed God's crazy call into owning my own business. I decided to combine my past work experience in marketing and communications and apply those practices to evangelization. Since then, I've had the extreme honor of being a small part of more than 50 organizations' drive to be a light to the world.

Emiy Ricci, President of Gloriam Marketig

I am married to my college sweetheart, Aaron, and have a daughter, Emma, and a son, Adam. I have a bachelor's degree in English from Mount Saint Mary College and a master's degree in Theology from the Augustine Institute. In 2020, I was honored to be distinguished with the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce Forty Under 40 award. When I'm not caring for our children or running this business, you can find me teaching New Testament at my alma mater, going for a walk on our local trail, or watching Parks and Recreation.

Whether you work for a parish or own your own business, I get it, because I've done both! I know how hard it is to have a giant dream that God has placed on your heart and not know how to share it with others. That's what I'm here for. I'm looking forward to being your partner in evangelization!

We prayerfully ask Gloriam's patron saints to pray for us and our clients, our work, and all those we encounter through our work.


Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Michael the Archangel, and Blessed Carlos Acutis,

pray for us!

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