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$60 one-hour Catholic marketing strategy session

"I hate marketing!"

Do you?

Or are you just...

...tired of trying all the things but not seeing results?
...uncomfortable balancing promotion with humility?

...exhausted from the "need" for constant content creation?

...feeling like you spend more time marketing your ministry than actually doing it?

When you're dealing with all of the above - yeah, marketing is really not fun.

But when you have a plan that is rooted in evangelization AND gets you results, you might find you don't actually hate marketing.

Spend an hour with me, and I'll help you come up with a marketing strategy that frees up your time (so you can get back to what God actually called you to faster) AND is authentically Catholic (no sleaze required!).

What is a consultation?

A consultation is a one-hour marketing strategy call where we figure out who God has called you to serve and come up with a plan to reach them.

You can come with questions or just "I don't know what I don't know," and we'll let the Holy Spirit guide us.

At $60, it's perfect for the DIY, operating-on-a-shoestring budget Catholic small business owner or ministry leader who needs someone with marketing experience to run ideas past and learn from.


What do we talk about?

Pretty much anything when it comes to marketing! But here are a few things that come up a lot:

Target audience

Social media

Content creation/brainstorming

Promotional strategy for launches or sales

Email marketing

Picking platforms


Overall marketing strategy

(I'm also more than happy to discuss Jane Austen, why the Oxford comma is the greatest punctuation of all time, and Parks and Recreation, but I'm guessing that's not why you're here.)

Not sure what to talk about, but just know your marketing needs help? That's okay too! We'll let the Holy Spirit lead us and talking about your marketing strategy in general.

I run a small Catholic non-profit and consider it the greatest blessing that I discovered Emily and Gloriam. When I needed help promoting my work, I felt like a blind man reaching out to a sharp-eyed guide who showed me the way up a steep mountain. I’m still climbing! – but I would still be at base camp were it not for Emily’s help. She’s made it all real for me: instructional courses, website audit, lead magnets, social media training, and more. If you don’t know what the Law of Seven is, you probably need a good dose of Emily’s wisdom, and you will never fear the dreaded word “marketing” ever again!

Peter Darcy, Sacred Windows

Emily at desk (1).jpg

Hi, I'm Emily

and I want to teach you how to market like Jesus.


Because yep, Jesus used marketing to grow the Early Church, and you can use those same strategies to grow your business or ministry today.

Once we make the connection between marketing and evangelization, everything else becomes a whole lot easier and holier.

But really, it's not me.

Part coach, part cheerleader, part teacher - but really, my job in consultations is just to get out of the way.


In the all of the consultations I've run with Catholics just like you - small shop owners, authors, coaches, nonprofit leaders, speakers, service providers, and the more - I am always in awe of how the Holy Spirit takes over.

Before each consultation, I pray that I can step out of His way and let Him speak through me - and He does.

  • Like the time I was prompted to bring up a very niche audience I felt like this client should focus on - and it turns out she had actually had that experience in the past herself.

  • Like the time a client was filling icky about her marketing plan, so I asked what she envisioned feeling excited by, which brought forth a torrent of beautiful, Spirit-led ideas that were also brilliant for marketing.

  • Like the times clients (and I) have been moved to tears because of the incredibly powerful revelations we've made about their work and how to market it.

So yes, I'm here to help guide you - but in the end, I'm relying on a much better guide to lead the way.

without this. (Instagram Post).png


Emily Ricci

There's one other thing you should know  though...

I'm super realistic. As a former parish worker and a mom of two under two running a business, I get that time is not something you have an abundance of.

So yes, I'm going to tell you the best practices and recommendations for posting frequency and such. And then I'll tell you the realistic version.

Because I want to help you create a plan that gets you in front of the people God's called you to serve AND gets you back to that work quicker, so you spend less time on marketing and more time doing what He called you to in the first place.

I love working with Emily because she understands and respects the sticky "inbetween" of ministry and business. She takes time to listen, to truly understand my mission and my limitations, and has always offered insightful and challenging new ideas to get me out of whatever rut I'm currently in. The best part, though, of working with Emily is that she always makes it about God--  about what God may be asking both of us to do in service to the Church right now. It fills me with confidence that she believes in the mission of her clients and wants us to succeed, for our own personal holiness and for the greater glory of God!

Christina Valenzuela, Pearl and Thistle


There's a lot of "advice" out there.

My gift is to take the jumbled mess of marketing advice out there, boil it down to what will work for you, and add a Catholic lens.

I love teaching people how to market like Jesus because that's when saints are made.

Peter was marketing like Jesus when he converted 3,000 people on Pentecost Sunday.

Paul was marketing like Jesus when he went out to all the nations.

What will He do through you when you learn to market like Him?





Here at Gloriam, we are heaven-bent on just that: helping you get people to heaven.

But you can't get people to heaven if they don't know that you exist.

Let me help you discern a Catholic marketing strategy that saves you time and saves souls.

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