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Pastors and parish staff: We see you.

You're exhausted and stretched thin. Your congregation is getting slimmer by the week, but you barely have time to notice in the blur of budget meetings, operational activities, and diocesan policies. And if you get asked to sit in on one more committee meeting or wear one more hat in ministry, you're going to lose it.

At the same time, you know it is vital for your church to communicate and be communicated, but where you're supposed to find the time or energy for that, God only knows. You can barely keep up with the 99; how are you supposed to find time to chase after the 1?

We can't celebrate Mass for you, split the line for confessions, or see to the spiritual needs of your congregation. But we can take on the marketing and communications work for you, so you can get back to ministry.


You focus on feeding the sheep; we'll take over the tending and searching.



Want to reach potential converts in your area? We can help you with highly-targeted local advertising to reach the 82%. Try digital, social media, print, and broadcast advertising in your area.

Content  Development

Writing church content needs to strike the proper balance between theological, fun, and understandable. We speak church. Let us write your next brochure, manual, web page, and more!


Event Planning + Coordination

Maybe you have an idea to bring your community together in a meaningful way (or you’re looking for those ideas!) and need help bringing it to life. Our remote event planning and coordination services mean you can have events that are the talk of the town (literally) without having to carve out yet more time in your busy schedule.

Email Marketing

Trying to turn your bulletin into a digital newsletter that’s actually appealing? Want to engage new parishioners in a whole new way? Our email marketing services for churches can help you up your digital game.


Print + Promotional

Does your ministry or sacramental brochure desperately need an update? Want to display your parish pride with custom car magnets or tote bags? We can help you wear your faith on your sleeve with print and promotional design services.

Web Design

The last time your church website was updated, fanny packs were still in style. Let’s bring your church website into the 21st century with a sleek and modern design that emphasizes ease of use and evangelization. Whether you have a few pages that just need a quick facelift or you need to hit the refresh button the whole site, we’d love to work with you.


Looking for something else specific? Be sure to check out our products for church marketing or set up a custom consultation!


Why invest in Catholic marketing?

We get it: Your budget is tight. Why on earth should you spend money on marketing?

Simply put, you sometimes have to spend money to make money. We know that evangelization and getting new parishioners is important to you for its own sake...but it's also important for your bottom line. Engaged parishioners are financially-active parishioners. And how do you get your parishioners to be engaged? By communicating well and attracting new members. It seems simple, because it is.

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