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I had the pleasure of working with Johanna from Interior Kingdom on a leads package and was delighted when we got the chance to redesign her website as well. Her previous site was housed in Podia, which was limiting her ability to do much of anything design-wise. Through this process, we were able to update her marketing messaging, modernize her site, and make it a really easy yes for families looking to bring peace into their homes (aren't we all?).


There's active parishes, and then there's St. Michael's in Cary, NC. This dynamic and large parish has almost 5,000 registered families and 60+ ministries. Their old website just couldn't keep up with their activity, so we created a dynamic, media-rich site that showcases their incredible community to prospective parishioners while making aspects like events and groups easy to find for parishioners. Read our case study here.

Designed on Wordpress

My heart is always happy whenever I get to work with those focused on evangelization, and Catholic Made Simple is doing some incredible work in this space! We were able to completely transform their website from minimal information as a "stake in the ground" to an actual marketing tool designed to explode their pamphlet's growth to bring people back to Mass. A direct, simplistic brand voice with a bold design helps to make the pamphlet memorable while also understanding the buyer's unique needs.

Designed on Wix

I’ve long considered Christina from Pearl & Thistle a friend in the Catholic business space, and it was such an incredible honor to redesign her website for her! Prior to the redesign, she was struggling with a lack of organization of the dozens of resources she offers. With some housed in Podia, others on her front-facing Weebly site, and no clean way to integrate the two, we started fresh with a front-facing Wordpress site that easily links to the Podia login page. She’s no longer limited by outdated design - and wow did we go bold with this new design for her site! We got really strategic and honed in on copy that speaks to the unique work she does and the pain points she solves for her audience. We were also able to better highlight her acclaimed courses to organize them in a flow that makes sense for the numerous audiences she serves. Within a few days of launch, she was seeing increased sales and so much relief in organizing all of her initiatives. Definitely check out her incredible work in the Catholic body literacy and NFP space! 

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