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Businesses + Ministries


“I just want to make all the pretty things for God.” “I never have any time for my ministry.” “Running a business makes my brain hurt.” “I don't like talking about myself.” “I hate marketing.”


Sound familiar?


We hear you. (Okay, except on the hating marketing part, because, well, that would be awkward.)

Being a Catholic small business owner or ministry leader requires a lot. Who knew that when you decided to work for God, it would also mean you needed a PhD in finance, business, marketing, graphic design, law, theology, and administration.


And isn't marketing just bragging about yourself, something Catholics are supposed to avoid? (It's not, but we can discuss that another time.)

Don't hide your light under a bushel. Let us market you and Him, so you can go back to doing what sets your heart on fire.



We know, spending money on your ministry is scary. But, it's also one of the most effective ways to get new eyes on your products and services. You've got something special to share; we can help get it in front of the devout Catholics who want it.

Content  Development

Without content, your business or ministry would be kind of bland. We specialize in Catholic content development that captures the true, good, and beautiful of your work.



We've all seen the church that accidentally said "Butt dust" instead of "But dust" on their Ash Wednesday flyers. Skip the cringe and let us proofread your work before you go live. (Full-text editing also available for Catholic authors.)

Email Marketing

You know that building an email list is important, but how do you make them engaging enough to open? We can help. Drip marketing, abandoned cart series, newsletters...we LOVE email marketing!


Web Design

Whether you're a product-based business looking to move away from traditional sites, an author seeking a simple place to house your books and bio, or a service ministry hoping to grow awareness, we're passionate about web design that gives glory to God AND promotes your ministry in a sleek, modern fashion.

We are also able to offer SEO services as well (or as we like to call it, Search EVANGELIZATION optimization!).

Looking for something else specific? Be sure to check out our products for Catholic marketing or set up a custom consultation!

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