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We get it - your ministry is important to you, and sometimes, you just want to roll up your sleeves and do things yourself.

If so, our courses and consults are the perfect opportunity to learn more about Catholic marketing!

Not only are we versed in Catholic marketing and LOVE talking about it, our President, Emily, also has a background in teaching, which means she can explain things in a way that makes sense. These aren't just sales pitches; you'll walk away with actual valuable information.

Interested in having Emily speak at your professional development training or conference on Catholic marketing? Emily has spoken in the past in both practical training and spiritual reflection settings about the relationship between marketing and evangelization. Contact us for more info!


Our self-paced courses are perfect for the "do it yourself" kind of learner! Broken up into bite-sized pieces, you can return to these courses again and again as you continue to develop your skills as a Catholic marketer.

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Social Media

Did you know that the majority of Catholics are primarily on social media to keep up with friends? How is that helpful as a Catholic ministry? Learn how to use social media for God's glory and to grow your ministry.

What's Included

3 hours of course material, taken at your own pace

Catholic social media survey results e-book

Catholic social media resources + overall social media review



An Introduction to

Catholic Marketing

God's Way

New to marketing or not sure how to market your ministry? This is a great first step to learning Catholic marketing and communications!

What's Included

1 hour of course material, taken at your own pace

An overview of Catholic marketing practices for your church or business

Video Conference

Let's Chat

Consultations are a great way to get some extra help that's personalized to you and your ministry. We'll have some great conversations, get your questions answered, and send you on your way with actionable next steps to take to keep on building the Kingdom.

What can we have a consult on? Pretty much anything your heart desires! (Okay, anything your heart desires related to marketing...though if you want to have a consult about Jane Austen, the Oxford comma, or Parks and Rec, we are totally down for that.)

Here's some ideas to get you started:








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