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fasting food savings calculator

Fast on Good Friday.

Donate your savings to charity.

Feed the hungry and your soul.


This Good Friday, make your fasting tangible by offering your skipped meals to those in need.

With the Fast and Feed Calculator from Five Loaves Project, you'll be able to select what you would have eaten on a non-fasting day, and then donate that amount to a Catholic charity that provides food for the poor.

how it

calculate your food


Use our calculator to determine the amount you're saving through Good Friday fasting.


say grace


Commit to a prayer pledge for the day to pray for the hungry every time your stomach growls.

donate your savings


Select a charity and donate right on their website to share your meal with those in need.

Inflation hitting your food budget hard? It can be difficult to find money to pay your own grocery bill, let alone pay it forward.

But if we all offer our meager five loaves and two fish with the humility of a child, Jesus can use it to impact thousands.

This Good Friday, millions of Christians will be skipping meals as part of our commemoration of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. What if we all donated the few dollars we would have spent on groceries and give it to those who have none?

Make your fasting tangible and join the Five Loaves Project as Jesus takes our fasts and quickly multiplies them.

"For I was hungry and you gave me food." - Matthew 25:35

Rough Lent? If your Lenten offerings lasted less time than your New Year's Resolutions, Fast and Feed is a great crash course into all three tenets of the season: fasting, prayer, and almsgiving.

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