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Parish communications coaching




You have big dreams for your parish's growth, but something that always seems to trip you up is communications. No matter how many flyers you make, bulletins you print, or events you run, it never seems to make a difference in parishioner engagement or new member registrations.

You know your parish has huge potential - you just don't know how to get there.




All of the secular resources out there don't really work for parish communications - after all, you're not out solely (or soul-ly!) to make a profit. You're not sure who to trust or even how to seek out the resources you need to amplify your communications.

And of course, time is always a factor - because communications is just one of the many hats you wear.




We've been working with parishes for more than a decade. We know parish life - and we know communications too. Through our Kerygma Coaching programs, we work with your parish one-on-one to learn about your unique goals and optimize your parish communications from both an inward and outward perspective.


The ultimate goal? To get your parish's communications designed to reignite inactive parishioners and your parish's marketing attracting new ones.

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Why Coaching?

Simply put, communications is the key to growth at your parish. And since church communications is such a new area, it's quite possible that no one on your staff has been properly trained on Catholic communications and marketing.

It's time to stop just "figuring it out" and actually feeling confident in your church's communications!


Plus, we know how easy it is to let parish marketing fall to the wayside amidst the demands of communicating to current parishioners. By setting aside this dedicated time, you're giving yourself the freedom to finally pursue those long-term projects that make long-term impact - and investing in the consulting needed to make it successful.

10-Week Program

Hybrid program including virtual meetings and an on-site intensive during week two; meant for parishes who have not done strategic planning through another organization

Cost: $3,995 + travel

*In-person availability for select 2022 dates within two-hour radius of 12590 or nationwide beginning early 2023

6-Week Program

Fully virtual program for churches who have already participated in some strategic planning such as Rebuilt, Amazing Parish, Divine Renovation, etc.

Cost: $1,995

Meet  Your Coach

Emily Ricci is the founder and co-owner of Gloriam Marketing, a Catholic marketing and creative agency. In addition to a background in marketing, teaching, and theology, she also has almost a decade in practical parish work experience, with positions ranging from Communications Coordinator to youth ministry to Weekend Coordinator (event and liturgical ministry lead).

Her passion is in exploring the intersection of marketing and evangelization, particularly from a Biblical perspective. 

You can get a feel for Emily's training style by watching some of her past webinars here.

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Emily Ricci


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Let's Talk!

Ready to get started? Contact us to set up a discovery call to learn more and see if Kerygma Coaching would be beneficial for your parish!

Coaching for Catholic businesses and ministries is provided on a custom basis. We'd be happy to put together a package just for your organization! Contact us to inquire.

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