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Diocesan talks for parish communicators




As a professional working for the diocese, you know that your parishes' communications need some work. It's not their fault - most of them are not trained communications professionals - but you can't help but cringe at the bulletin designs, the social media graphics, and everything in Comic Sans font.

You know they can do it - they just need training.




You wish you could drop everything to help your parishes thrive...but you are insanely busy trying to communicate on behalf of an entire diocese. Between appeals and diocesan initiatives and synods and crisis communications, the hobbling-along website home page for your rural parish is the least of your concerns.

But you also know that parish communications are key in growth - in the parish and the diocese.

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We've been working with parishes for more than a decade. We know parish life - and we know communications too. Through our Kerygma Communicators workshops, we do the training work for you, offering a variety of topics for professional development for your parish's communicators.

All we need is you to host it and promote it, and we'll do everything else.

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Why Training?

A friend of ours likes to say that when it comes to communications practices, "They don't teach you that in priest school."

And that goes for many parish communicators too! While some parishes have dedicated communications coordinators, many others have their staff wearing many hats, which often leads to the "figure it out" mentality.

With proper training, however, your parishes can be equipped to not only communicate well internally, but also market themselves externally - which leads to more parishioners, more participation, and more funding.


Workshop Topics

Pick from our talk topics below, or let us know your unique needs and we can craft a custom talk just for your diocese!

Meet the Trainer

Emily Ricci is the founder and co-owner of Gloriam Marketing, a Catholic marketing and creative agency. In addition to a background in marketing, teaching, and theology, she also has almost a decade in practical parish work experience, with positions ranging from Communications Coordinator to youth ministry to Weekend Coordinator (event and liturgical ministry lead).

Her passion is in exploring the intersection of marketing and evangelization, particularly from a Biblical perspective. 

You can get a feel for Emily's training style by watching some of her past webinars here.

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Emily Ricci

Emily is both engaging and our audience hung on every word.  Emily has a passion for her work which shows in her presentation.  The audience learned  how Catholic teachings and modern day marketing could enhance every aspect of your parish.  Using lighthearted stories and Biblical truths, Emily inspired our Catechetical Leaders to welcome, invite, and communicate with their parents and parishioners.  As ministry has changed during the pandemic, Emily has inspired ministers to make disciples of all people in all aspects of parish life. - Liza, Diocese of Norwich

In Person

*In-person availability for select 2022 dates within two-hour radius of 12590 or nationwide beginning early 2023


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Let's Talk!

Contact us to set up your diocese's workshop.

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