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for Catholic business owners, ministry leaders, and professionals

Sound familiar?

How often have you done one of these things?

  • Relied on Google and Facebook groups as professional development

  • Put yourself out on every marketing platform, but don't feel like you see any results

  • Felt like a team of one wearing fifteen different hats

  • Put off marketing because you don't understand it or hate talking about yourself

  • Felt like marketing takes more time than your actual ministry work

Sound like you? If so, Kerygma Communities was created for you.

You shouldn't have to do this alone.

Kerygma Communities is a membership + training community designed specifically for you, the busy Catholic just trying to follow God's call on their heart. You desire to get back to your ministry work more quickly, but find that marketing takes up so much of your time - and is it even working? 

Our community is part professional development, part accompaniment, aimed at giving you the resources and training you need while also making your job easier and providing you with much needed fellowship with others who get ministry.

A note on our use of the term ministry: We consider any work that's being done for God as a ministry, even if you get paid for it! Our community is designed for any Catholic organization: business, nonprofit, entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, etc.


Up until now, you’ve just been expected to “figure it out.” Professional development has been limited to Google searches and Facebook group advice (which isn’t always reliable), and secular communications strategies just don’t work for your organization.

That’s why we prioritize education in our Kerygma Communities. Our twice monthly virtual meetings center on a particular topic specific to Catholic marketing, everything from how to promote yourself without seeming self-centered to getting more social media followers for God, not you.

We do all this with familiar examples - Bible stories! Jesus and the apostles were actually incredible marketers - after all, they know a thing or two about growing the Church.


Ministry work was never meant to be done alone.

The disciples were sent out two by two, never alone. And yet in the Church, we often work in silos, feeling alone in our pursuits or letting competition snake its way into our relationships with other ministries.


We want to end that. For a Catholic ministry leader to survive, you need community. Up until now, that community has been hard to find - which is why we are creating it.


It ties in well with our educational goal. You won’t just learn from us - you’ll learn from your fellow workers in the vineyard about what's worked for them and receive accountability and affirmation from others who get it.

Is a Kerygma Community for you?

You're a Catholic business owner/staff member, a ministry or nonprofit leader, a Catholic author, speaker, or coach looking to up your marketing and give glory to God at the same time.

You aren't afraid of a little DIY when it comes to marketing - you’re passionate and innovative to take your ideas and run with them if you know how to do it.


You’re constantly balancing all of the things when it comes to marketing, which often leaves long-term projects on the back burner.

You want to grow your audience, increase visibility, and yeah, making more money wouldn't hurt.


You struggle to find advice or how-to’s that have a Catholic organization's unique needs in mind.


You got into this work to bring people closer to God through your unique gifts and talents.


Sound like you? Join here.

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What You Get

Twice-monthly meetings:

Each month, we'll focus on a Catholic marketing skill to enhance your ministry. Meeting one will consist of practical training in that skill and meeting two will be an open discussion to check progress and get feedback.

Access to "The Small Group:"

"The Small Group" is our Facebook group for the Kerygma Community. You'll have direct access to us throughout the month to ask questions and network with other Catholic organizations. (It's like a virtual water cooler!)

Ministry Meets Marketing Book Club

Once a month, we'll dive into ministry and marketing classics to continue to develop our skills. No book reports required.

Monthly Communications Resurces

Let's save you some time! You'll receive access to monthly resources like Canva templates, content calendar ideas, and more.

Gloriam Freebies and Discounts

Get access to all of our courses and products and discounts on Gloriam services.

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Emily Ricci

Meet  Your Community Leader

Hi! I'm Emily, and I am a Catholic mompreneur who turned her love of marketing and theology into a business. 👋

In my past life, I started out in parish work, particularly youth ministry and event and liturgical coordination, and then dove into higher ed marketing with a specialization in digital communications. 

I took that jill-of-all-trades resume, combined it with my master's in Theology and passion for Biblical studies, and turned it into a Catholic marketing agency, Gloriam Marketing. Now I want to share all of that weirdly specific experience with you, because I truly believe it can drastically change the trajectory of your ministry.

More than anything, I want you to know that I get that the juggle is real. You're trying to do the work that God has called you to, but you didn't realize it would come with all of this other work. And on top of that, you're, you know, trying to live out your vocation and do volunteer work and make a living and all the things.

I believe in your work and the impact it can make on the world, if we can just cut out all the noise and get you back ot that work quicker. And don't worry - I'll be helping you while folding laundry, trying to keep my one year old from destroying it, and growing another baby all at the same time.

Not sure if we'd hit if off? You can get a feel for my training style by watching some of my past webinars here.


  • Being Social on Social
    Creating community online has never been easier thanks to social media. Churches can utilize social media to foster their in-person communities digitally...but do you know how? In this workshop, we'll go over the basics of social media and how to create a dynamic social media presence for your parish that not only fosters your congregation's connection, but also works to expand your reach as an evangelization tool in your local area.
  • Branding Basics
    Does reading the church bulletin seem like a font selection guide? Can parishioners identify when a mailing is from you? Branding covers so much more than your visual identity - it also aids how people feel when they think about your church. In this workshop, we'll dive into how to select fonts and colors that represent your church, creating a brand guide (and how to have it implemented, even among volunteers), and honing in on your church's unique personality.
  • Making an Entrance: Identifying Entrypoints
    We often wish we could reach our less active parishioners - but when we do, we fail to capitalize on the moment! Key moments for conversion like CAPE (Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Easter) and sacraments are often overlooked from a communications standpoint, but there are so many things you can do to capitalize on these pivotal moments. In this workshop, we'll work to identify the key entrypoints for your parish and brainstorm communications methods to bring them back to church.
  • Beyond Envelopes: Welcoming New Parishioners
    What's the first thing new parishioners get when they register at your parish? A nice big stack of envelopes? Because nothing says welcome like give us money! In this workshop, we'll go over some welcome strategies you can put in place to get parishioners from passive registrants to active participants. Ideas discussed include recruitment strategies, registration letters and swag, and digital follow-up strategies.
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We're Waiting for You

Your community awaits. Pick your plan to join now - membership for Spring 2022 closes February 22!

Questions? Contact us at


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