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Pio Prints

Facebook advertising

Pio Prints came to us early in 2019 looking for assistance with Facebook advertising. One of our favorite things about this client is that they actually had their Facebook pixel installed, which really allows us to dig into the data and make adjustments to ensure that their advertising is fully maximized.

Who They Are

Catholic apparel and print company

Pio Prints offers a variety of Catholic goods to encourage and empower women with inspiration from the saints. They offer tee shirts, tanks, paper products, and cards with saint quotes on them to encourage the feminine genius.

How We Helped

Facebook advertising

Pio Prints was referred to us by a friend, and we have absolutely loved working with them. They needed assistance in setting up some Facebook ads for their line of tees and tanks, as well as some of their paper products (cards, notebooks, etc.). The goal was to increase website purchases. After an implementation period, we experimented with various Facebook ads and then eventually began to run those ads continuously after finding success.

Each week, we provided Pio Prints with a report of ad success and discuss the next strategy, either staying with the same audience and ad for that week or pivoting to a new audience or ad depending on results.

The Results

Growth and increased profit

The very first ad we ran garnered more than 5 times the amount spent in profit, a 500%+ ROI. By strategically selecting our ad audience to highlight dedicated Catholic women (without just selecting the "Catholic" filter which will result in thousands of comments just saying "Amen" and does not produce true audience results), we were able to hone in on Pio Prints exact target audience and get them to convert. In total, ads received approximately 160 views per $1 spent.

After some time, we began to include pixel-driven campaigns such a retargeting from those who visited the website in the past 90 days and did not complete their purchase as well as implement coupon codes and additional ads.

Each week, we reevaluated the ad numbers and determine whether to stay the course or shift audiences/ads. Since the beginning of this campaign, Pio Prints gained almost 3 times the amount in profit that they spent in advertising (274%).

The overall goal of their marketing campaigns, to increase website purchases, was met through all of the efforts. We are proud to be partners in evangelization with this amazing organization!

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