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Christmas Gift Guide - For Your Parish!

At the time of posting, there are officially three weeks left until Christmas. Advent has (finally) begun, you may have started decorating your Christmas tree, and your gift list is probably prepped, if not already completed. At this point, you're probably not looking to add more people to your Christmas gift list, but we have one important addition to your list this year (it's a good one, we promise!):

Your parish.

Out of everyone on your list, why not gift something to your parish? We often refer to our church community as our "parish family," and what better way to show your appreciation for your family's support, love, and prayers year round than a gift at Christmastime?

You may be thinking, "Well, that's a great idea, but what do you give a parish? They already have everything they need for the liturgy, and most of our memorials are already claimed." Be not afraid - if you're looking for something unique to give to your parish this year, check out some of these amazing products, created by incredible Catholic artisans and authors and hand-picked especially by Gloriam.

For your bulletin -

Did You Know? bulletin columns by Gloriam Marketing

We're a little partial to these ourselves. ;) Did You Know? is a weekly bulletin column that answers a question about the faith – parts of the Mass, meanings behind the Sacraments, a story in the Bible, explanation of Church teaching, and more. What better gift to give your parish family than weekly inspiration and knowledge of the faith? We present the topics in a fun, easy-to-understand fashion that makes parishioners of all ages excited to learn more. Parishes that have already implemented Did You Know? columns have seen tremendous engagement, including parishioners writing in with questions, church members saving the column each week, and people from other parishes looking at the bulletin online just to read the Did You Know? feature. Religious education teachers have even incorporated them into their classes and had students write in with questions. Consider ordering a subscription for your parish!