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40 Lenten Practices for Catholic Ministries

Looking for ideas to mark the season as a Catholic ministry leader? Here are some ways to integrate prayer, fasting, and almsgiving as an organization of one or 100.


  • Pray for your clients/parishioners/supports. Ask God to let your ministry and your work bless them.

  • Take a half hour each week for Eucharistic Adoration, either individually or as a team. If you're really busy, make it an hour. :) Consider even bringing quiet work there to offer to the Lord!

  • Pray the Novena of Surrender as a team, handing over your organization and the results of your work to God.

  • Pray a decade of the rosary at the end of every hour.

  • Pray the Angelus together as a staff at noon.

  • Say a Hail Mary or some other prayer for every person you email or talk with on the phone.

  • Pick a parishioner or client of the day to pray for.

  • Pray for the success of your competitors each day.

  • Create a dedicated prayer space or room in your office for team members to go to whenever they'd like.

  • Make an effort to start each day or project with a prayer, as a group if possible!

  • Come up with a Lenten prayer as a team and post it on social media.

  • Put out a call for prayer requests on your social media accounts and actually pray for each of the requests.

  • Take a mini-pilgrimage with your team members to a local shrine or cathedral.


  • Fast from one of your outreach methods (social media, email marketing, etc.) and trust that God will provide in the gap!

  • Fast from taking on new projects that are not essential (whether that be putting off that thing on your to do list or not taking on any more than a certain number of new clients). Use that time and energy to pray or do works of charity instead.

  • Fast from talking badly about your competition or co-workers.

  • Pick an hour to not schedule any meetings during Lent (ie. 3 pm). Every time you go to schedule a meeting, you'll remember why and hopefully even say a prayer during that time!

  • Start a carpool program and fast from the freedom of having your own car at work.

  • Fast from snacking during work.

  • Fast from saying yes to everything. Allow yourself the opportunity to say no and prioritize this Lent.

  • Refrain from playing music while you do mindless tasks.

  • Fast from promoting specific products or services on social media (it's a good time to explain the "why" of what you do, and not just direct links to your website!).

  • Fast from internal emails (if you work in the same office with your other team members) and instead go and talk to them in person whenever you need something.

  • Fast from your online calendar or to-do list and use paper lists and calendars only.

  • Give up using your phones during meetings and focus on having in-person interactions.


  • Donate a portion of your profits this season to a charitable organization.

  • Take off a day of work as a team and donate your time to an organization who can use it.

  • Sponsor your local parish's mission or other Lenten event on behalf of your organization.

  • Offer to pay for a portion of your church's Easter flowers with profits from your ministry.

  • Run a contest for your clients or parishioners and give something away to them.

  • Offer advice to someone in your industry for free without expecting anything in return.

  • Take on a pro bono client for someone in need this Lent.

  • Take a course or go to a conference to learn a new skill that will benefit others.

  • Offer a free event for your local community to raise awareness of your ministry and help out.

  • Offer a day off or to stay late for someone on your team who needs it.

  • Share something on your ministry's social media page from another ministry that could use an engagement boost.

  • Take money you might have spent on office parties during Lent and use it to buy food for your local food pantry.

  • Offer to teach your ministry's specialty (chastity, technology, healthy living, etc.) to your parish's youth group or other age-appropriate community group.

  • Encourage your team members to bring in canned goods or nonperishables to donate as a group to your local food pantry.

  • Set up a tip jar in the office and have team members donate loose change to a good cause.

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