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7 Patron Saints for Catholic Marketers

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

For All Saints Day, I thought it might be interesting to look at a few of the Catholic marketing patron saints out there. While there isn't a particular patron saint of Catholic marketing in particular, here were a few that were related to the themes of business, writing, promotion, and evangelization.

But first, are you a Catholic business owner or member of a parish staff who wants to learn more about Catholic marketing? Start here!

St. Andrew

In some ways, St. Andrew can be considered the first evangelist, since he is reported in the Bible to have rushed to Peter to tell him they had found the Messiah after first meeting Jesus.

St. Andrew, pray for us!

St. Frances de Sales

As the patron saint of journalism and writers, St. Francis de Sales is often adopted by Catholic marketers as a patron. Plus...the word sales is literally in his name.

St. Frances de Sales, pray for us!

St. Bernardine of Siena

The patron saint of advertising and PR, St. Bernardine is known for his branding brilliance, as the one who designed the IHS symbol now commonly associated with Jesus today.

St. Bernardine of Siena, pray for us!

St. Paul

St. Paul is best known for the vigor with which he spread the Gospel among the Gentiles after his own dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus.

St. Paul, pray for us!

St. Mary Magdalene

St. Mary Magdalene is sometimes referred to as "the apostle to the apostles" for being the first to announce the Good News of Christ's Resurrection to the other apostles.

St. Mary Magdalene, pray for us!

Pope St. John Paul II

In addition to spearheading the New Evangelization, Pope St. John Paul II proffered ways in which the media could be used for good to further the Good News.

Pope St. John Paul II, pray for us!

Happy All Saints Day!

P.S. Did you know that here at Gloriam, when we take on new clients, we ask for their patron saints so we can pray for their intercession while we work?

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