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Website Redesign: St. Michael's, Cary, NC

I love working with churches. I love designing websites.

So working on a church website redesign is essentially my version of heaven (if heaven also includes a lot of hair standing on end and stress eating gummy bears during crunch time).

St. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church in Cary, NC is basically my dream church. They have almost 5,000 registered families, 60+ ministries, and a super active congregation. I've had the pleasure of working with them on a number of projects over the past year+, but by far this website redesign has been my favorite.

This is a church doing some big things - it's their 25th anniversary at their current location, they're undergoing a number of renovation projects, amplifying their faith formation and evangelization outreach, and oh yeah, casually building an entire Habitat for Humanity home as a parish just because.

They have Google street view through their church campus because that's how huge it is, if that tells you anything.

The problem was, their current website just couldn't keep up with that level of activity. The system it was utilizing made making updates a pain, it was not media friendly, and didn't have the same impact that you'd get upon actually being there in person.

For the past several months, I've been working hard to create a site that not only functions well for parishioners but even more importantly orients community members and prospective parishioners about this incredible place.

Here's a few before shots:

And finally, after (you can view the site live at