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The Mass Box

Social media - Email marketing - Advertising Design - and more

The Mass Box came to us early in 2018 with one of our favorite requests: We need help with marketing; can you help? Open-ended requests like this really allow us to use our marketing expertise to its best, by giving us an opportunity to evaluate before coming to a conclusion.

We started out with a simple email marketing project, which then grew to regular social media and email marketing, development of a drip marketing campaign, advertising assistance, and work for their affiliate organizations.


^ The post above, which ran on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, was a prayer we made up and designed. On Facebook alone, it had a reach of more than 19 times the number of page followers (1,900%)  and almost 600 shares (20%). It resulted in almost 100 followers gained from the post alone and did equally well on Instagram. It continues to garner thousands of views on Pinterest each month as well.

^ The post above is an example of one of our engagement-driver questions aimed at building community. This particular post garnered 17 comments.


^ The post above is another "viral" post we ran on both Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, it achieved approximately 100% reach and well over 10% engagement.

Who They Are

Catholic Subscription Box

The Mass Box is a Catholic subscription box aimed at 4-8 year old children. The box, which comes monthly, contains craft supplies for a family project related to the Mass for each Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. Additionally, The Mass Box team produces a magazine for each Mass with the readings and additional quiet activities to do during Mass, a SuperBook DVD, and a weekly online webisode that shows The Mass Box family making their craft for the week and discussing the week's readings in a kid-friendly way. The ultimate goal is to grow children's love for Christ and the Mass early.

How We Helped

Social media, email marketing, advertising

Gloriam managed The Mass Box social media accounts for almost a year and a half. During that time, we created and posted to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest almost every day with videos, photos of the boxes and products, Catholic parenting tips, and engagement-focused posts to create community amongst The Mass Box subscribers as well as encourage future subscribers.

Additionally, we took over the creation and mailing of weekly newsletters to The Mass Box email subscribers containing the week's webisode, a reflection on the week's craft and readings, and more community building. Additionally, we developed a 10-email drip marketing campaign that would send upon signing up for one of the company's lead magnets.

Finally, we also assisted with advertising efforts through Facebook, Pinterest, Catholic Ad Net,, and CatholicLink, as well as email marketing to parish moms groups around the country and design assistance with The Mass Box's parent company.

The Results

Growth and increase

Social media: Over the course of approximately a year, Gloriam was able to grow The Mass Box's Facebook followers by 200%. We also achieved "viral" status on two posts and grew follower engagement through thought-provoking questions (see below). Instagram and Pinterest followers and views also increased steadily, with Pinterest in particular increasing views by more than 800%.

Email marketing: The Mass Box already had a solid newsletter audience and open/click rate, so we were able to maintain those excellent rates as well as occasionally increase subscribers and open rates. We also tested several different types of email subject lines to determine the most effective strategy.

Advertising: Many advertising placements were difficult to determine the ROI because of the nature of the partnerships, but advertising proved to be an effective method for this company. Pinterest ads were particularly useful, garnering approximately 332 views per $1 spent.

The overall goal of their marketing campaigns, to increase subscribers regularly, was met through all of the efforts above as well as the very hard work of this incredible company. We are proud to be partners in evangelization with this amazing organization!

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 4.10.59 PM.png

"Working with Gloriam Marketing has been a great collaborative experience. They bring to the table creative, practical ideas plus follow through, a rare and valuable combination!"

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