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Who We Can Help

Chances are if you are involved in the Catholic faith, we can help you! Click the icon below to see what services we recommend specifically for your area in ministry (though of course any service can be used for any type of Catholic ministry!). If you don't see your ministry type listed below, just contact us, and we'll see how we can partner together in evangelization!

Your parishioner numbers are down. You want to evangelize and innovate, but you don't have the staff to support your ideas or don't know where to start.

Jesus didn't call you to do this alone and you shouldn't have to. We're here to help.


You want your new Catholic work to be perfect. But then you remember, no one but God is perfect. And you want it to reach the world, but try to remind yourself that it was all worth it even if only one person reads it.

We might not be perfect, but we know a lot about Catholicism and writing. Plus, we believe in your writing and want others to see it

and be inspired.


So God called you to Catholic business or ministry. And now you're looking around what?

Don't worry; we've been there too.
It can be difficult to say yes to God to step out into business or ministry in His name and then not know what to do. That's why we're here. You don't have to do it alone.

- Business & Ministry -

You want to teach the next generation to be on fire with faith and evangelization...but you've also got to balance the budget, number of students, safety regulations, training, and so much more.

Get back to teaching our youth about God, and we'll take care of promoting your program.


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