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Question Bank + Social Media Guide

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So you want to grow your Catholic social media account, but you aren't quite sure how to connect with your audience.


Well, how would you try to connect with someone in person? By asking them questions about themselves!

This is what Jesus did so well. He didn't just jump into encounters with people telling them His message; He got to know them first, often by asking them leading questions (think the woman at the well!).


You might not be meeting your audience in person, but you can do the same thing on social media! And best of all, with 101 Catholic Questions for Social Media, we've taken the brainstorming and guess work out of the equation - all you have to do is copy, paste, and post. 

What You Get


These aren't your stereotypical "favorite Bible verse" questions! We've written these with a mind for strategy and the goal of driving meaningful, community-building responses.


Not sure how to ask questions effectively on your social media platforms? Our quick ebook will walk you through why it's beneficial and how you can use the responses for marketing.


No retreat is complete without icebreakers. With your purchase, you get license to share these questions with anyone in your organization, so your youth minister or retreat leader will thank you.


Perfect  for:

CHURCHES looking to evangelize and create online connections to foster in person community

CATHOLIC BUSINESSES AND NONPROFITS seeking to get to know their followers better in order to serve them better

CATHOLIC AUTHORS, SPEAKERS, AND COACHES looking to build communities around their offerings

ANYONE trying to grow their social media accounts and create community online from a faith-based perspective!



Okay, so you know that asking questions on social media is important, but why pay for questions when you can come up with them on your own?

We'll counter that with a question of our own: How many times have you seen Catholic social media pages put out the question "What's your favorite Bible verse?"

Now, we're not saying that's not a valuable question - but what if it was phrased in such a way to really elicit unique and meaningful responses - something like "What Bible verse do you turn to in times of stress?" - AND make you stand out from everyone else online?

With topics like Mass, Prayer, Sacraments, Saints, and more, you'll get access to 101 ready-for-you questions that aren't the same boring ones you see everywhere else. And you can use the time you save to, you know, actually do your ministry work instead of brainstorming questions.

Plus, with our social media guide, you'll learn how to adapt the questions to better fit your marketing strategy and unique niche if need be (though we honestly think these are ready to go for any Catholic organization!).

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The best way to start that is by getting to know them. Get your copy of 101 Catholic Questions for Social Media today!

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