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Teaching you how to market like Jesus, one Monday at a time

“Emily’s weekly Monday email starts my week with the right approach- helping me share Christ’s love through my business interactions- rather than just focusing on my never ending to-do list.”

“Emily is so real and down-to-Earth and HELPFUL! She somehow always predicts my needs. It's like having a marketing guru for a best friend.”

“I can’t believe that Emily gives away the information and advice in her weekly emails for free! Hands-down, it’s the most valuable email newsletter I receive.”

Church Altar

Monday Marketing Musings


What if marketing could make you holy (and not in the sanctifying, growing in patience kind of way)?

We share one practical Catholic marketing tip each week to help you market like Jesus would.

From our CEO...

I know, you get tons of newsletters. Why would you voluntarily sign up for one that wasn't because you were getting a coupon or something for free?*

Because you didn't get into business or ministry to do marketing, most likely. From freebies and Facebook ads to algorithms and knowing your audience...this is way more than you thought your fiat contained.


You said yes to God's call, and now you feel like He's left you floundering to figure out all of this practical stuff on your own.

He didn't leave you floundering on your own though. He sent me to help.

This email newsletter is my love letter to all in ministry, because I so deeply appreciate all you do. It's totally, 100% free tips and advice, because they're not mine.

They're God's.

You see, just about every marketing principle can find its root in evangelization. It's how Jesus and the apostles grew the Early Church. And I think that every ministry deserves to know these key principles of growth, because you are a pivotal piece of bringing people to God.

This is what I do - teach people to market like Jesus - so you can do what you do: give glory to God. And it is my honor to be a small part of that.

I'll see you in your inbox on Monday.

For His greater glory,



Emily Ricci

Founder and CEO of Gloriam Marketing

*P.S. If you do like free can also get on this list by signing up for our free course on Catholic marketing. All the weekly newsletter goodness AND a free course to get you started in basic Catholic marketing principles. Claim your seat here.


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