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5 Apostolic Strategies for Catholic Ministries to Grow and Evangelize

A Catholic marketing training by Gloriam Marketing


Have you ever wondered how the apostles exponentially grew the early Church? Though different in nature, they faced the same (if not worse) obstacles to faith than we do today, and yet their passion and courage allowed them to grow Jesus' followers from 12 to 3,000 to billions.

What if we told you we could use the exact same strategies they did to not only grow your ministry today, but also grow the Church?

You may not be out in the mission field like the apostles, but let's face it - Catholic ministry, whether it be in parish work, entrepreneurship, nonprofit work, or the like - can often feel like a battlefield. 

We know you're mission-driven. Let's get your marketing mission-driven too.

In this training webinar, we'll unlock the Biblical marketing techniques we teach our clients every day that allow them to not only grow their ministries but also participate in the Kerygma - the preaching of the Good News - even through their marketing efforts.

You'll walk away having learned:

5 timeless apostolic strategies to inspire practical ministry growth

How the gifts of the Holy Spirit poise us for profitable and prophet-able success

The secret to the apostles' ability to persevere despite challenges

Plus, when you register, you'll receive access to our free course on Catholic marketing, Marketing God's Way!


Who is this for?

This free one-hour training is perfect for

Churches (particularly Communications Coordinators and anyone who works in the business and administrative operations of the parish)

Catholic authors, speakers, and coaches seeking to grow their audiences and get their name out there

Faith-based businesses and nonprofit ministries looking to increase revenue or donations without the sleazy-feeling of traditional business and marketing practices

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Meet   the Presenter

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm the founder and co-owner of Gloriam Marketing, a Catholic marketing and creative agency, and I'll be presenting this training session.


I have a decade of church work experience, a background in marketing and theology, and have taught hundreds of organizations just like yours how to promote their ministry and God, all at the same time.

I'm passionate about the intersections of marketing and evangelization, and can't wait to share these strategies with you so you can get back to the work to which God called you.

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Ready to kick-drive your marketing, apostolic style? Fill out the form below!


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