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50+ Ideas for Your Next Church Event

If the last year has taught us anything, it's that we need community! As restrictions start to ease and we get used to socially-distanced life, you may be starting to think about how to welcome your community back to the church, not just for Mass, but also for parish life.

Feeling stuck? Here are some ideas to get you started!

But what about...?

Here are some common reasons I've found that churches don't have events:

  • We don't have the money for it. So charge for the materials! Many families would be willing to pay $10 or $20 to have a good, Catholic event where they can take their family. While it's great if you can cover the cost of the event, charging a little bit isn't a bad thing. (Also, more engaged parishioners are more likely to give on Sundays when the collection basket comes around...sometimes you have to spend money to make it!)

  • We don't have the time. That's where I come in. Contact me to learn about virtual event planning for churches! (I promise, it's reasonably priced and you can easily recoup the cost by charging a little for your event!)

  • We don't know what to plan. That's what this list is for! I promise, these aren't just the boring old church potluck - these are events your parishioners will actually want to attend.

Bottom line: Not every family is going to start out gungho about Mass. But have a fun, educational event, and you might have just found a way to reach those unengaged Catholics in your area and plant a seed for conversion!

50+ Church Event Ideas

Socially Distanced

1. Church scavenger hunt: Provide a list of things families need to take selfies with around the church campus.

2. Car parade: Parishioners can decorate their cars and best decorated wins a prize.

3. Virtual rosary: Invite 50 families to record a video of themselves saying a Hail Mary, and put it together into a video.

4. Children's read-a-loud: Have one of your priests read aloud a