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Five Things Your First Funnel Email Needs

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

So you have a fun new lead magnet (that hopefully isn't a PDF guide) and you're ready to share it with the world. But in order to do that, you have to have a way to send it to them. Enter the automated welcome email!

*Sigh.* Your first funnel email! I envy you. (And no, I don't say that sarcastically - I really do love drip marketing that much!)

(P.S. If you're new to creating funnels/drip marketing series/welcome sequences, read this first.)

The biggest mistake you can make in that first email to your subscribers is not using it as a marketing opportunity. In fact, I would argue that this single email is the most important you'll ever send, because it is the #1 factor that determines your future open rates.

I know - after finally finishing your freebie, the absolute last thing you feel like doing is more work. But, this is imperative to getting those leads (so you can lead them to heaven), so here are five things you absolutely must include in your initial welcome email:

1. Craft an informative subject line.

This is one subject line I wouldn't try to be cutesy or intriguing with. They just signed up for something, so make sure you tell them this email is where they can find it. Even something as simple as "NAME, here's your access to NAME OF LEAD MAGNET" will work. (But you can get intriguing with your preview text if you want!)

2. Give them a reason to open future emails.

Hopefully this email is the first in your welcome sequence and not just a one-off. (Gulp. It is now!) Following up with additional automated messages not only helps you to introduce yourself and your business or ministry to your subscribers, it also trains them to open your future emails. So give them a reason to continue to open them! In this first email, share what the rest of the drip series will be about and why they should open additional emails. An incentive like more tips, an additional free resource, or even a coupon code are all intriguing reasons to look out for more.

3. Be direct.

You're about to email them. A lot. You definitely don't want that to be a surprise! This is where being direct is key. Lay out the schedule plainly. Example: "I have four things about NICHE that I can't wait to share with you. Over the next four days, you'll be receiving an email from me each day with a tip. And at the end, you'll be getting a special coupon just for subscribers!"

4. Bury the lead.

Literally. Put the link or access to your lead magnet at the bottom of your email. Why? Because engaging with that freebie will most likely take them away from your email, so we want to make sure they're reading everything you want them to before checking out the freebie! (But, be sure to put a banner at the top of the email stating that the lead magnet is at the bottom, so they know it's there.)

5. Encourage a reply.

You wouldn't think this would work (I never did), but I promise you, simply putting "hit reply and introduce yourself!" works wonders. And once you have that personal connection, you can be sure your emails are going to be the first they open, since they'll feel like they know you. You can even get fancier with it by encouraging them to reply with their prayer requests or some other prompt that relates to your niche.

Want to see an example? Sign up for our free Catholic marketing course, Marketing God's Way, and learn by example by going through our funnel!

Can We Help?

Feeling overwhelmed? Look, you got into this work to follow God's call, not worry about all of this marketing stuff. That's what He called us to. Click here, and let's chat about getting your funnel set up and getting you leads to bring to Him!

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