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Leading others to Christ

starts with your email list.


Build your email list the Catholic way with the St. Andrew's Lead Package.

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Imagine this...

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Someone encounters your work. They are intrigued, and so you send them a free resource to learn more.

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You follow up with them a few times, explaining a bit more about what you do and getting to know them.

Here's the catch: All of this happened while you were at Mass. Or praying the Rosary with your family. Or doing the work to which God called you.

Sound like a dream? It's called lead generation, and it is the #1 thing you need to be doing right now when it comes to Catholic marketing.

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A few days later, you send them an offer, and they readily accept, eager to engage with you more.



Lead Generation

for Catholic businesses + ministries


The St. Andrew Leads Package really isn't about you at all. It's about finding who God has called you to serve.

Using our experience as a Catholic marketing agency, we'll help you come up with a strategy (and then put it into action) to not just get leads for your business or ministry, but also for Christ.

Because at the end of the day, they're not really your leads. They're His. And He already knows who you need to reach.


All we have to do is seek for them.

Why lead generation?

Lead generation is the #1 marketing strategy to invest in right now as a Catholic business or ministry. That's because lead generation:

Builds an email list, which consistently has better conversions (the following through on actions like clicks and sales kind, not the winning souls for Christ kind) than social media.

Provides service to your potential customers or donors on their schedule, not yours


Offers the perfect starting point - start to get paying clients before you even have a website or social media following

So you can spend LESS time on your marketing and get BETTER results. Which means you can get back to what God actually called you to in less time.

Hold up...

..what's lead generation?

Glad you asked!

In fancy marketing terms, lead generation is the process by which you engage prospects in your inbound marketing strategy.

In real people terms, it's getting email addresses for your email list and nurturing the relationship with these potential buyers/donors.

How? With a rolling-away-the-stone powerful combination of a lead magnet (free resource) + an automated email series.

of Catholic Lead Generation


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Get people practically begging you to take their email address

- all because of an irresistible free resource.

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Amplify email open rates and get quick sales - all through an automated, set-it-and-forget-it series.

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Win your audience's trust with a landing page to capture their contact information and sign up for your lead magnet.

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Find the people God has called you to serve by meeting them where they're at online.

A freebie that serves before you sell.

Lead magnets (also known as freebies) are a free resource you offer to your audience. The only catch? They have to give you their email list in order to obtain it - and agree to future marketing emails too.


  • Live event/webinar branding (slide deck, registration page, and promo graphics and text)

  • Custom novena/devotional

  • E-book or workbook (up to 10 pages)

  • Basic editing for video series (intro/outro music & slides - up to 5 videos)

  • Quiz

  • Digital product

Hate social?

You'll love email.

In email marketing, you don't have to

  • Show your face

  • Dance

  • Battle algorithms

  • Research hashtags

  • Pay to play

  • Censor your faith or fear getting shadow-banned

  • Become a slave to continuous content creation

Say goodbye to creating content every 24 hours and hello to actual, genuine human interaction.

Sound more like you yet?

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But you need a plan...


Lots of Catholic organizations have lead generation. But most of them aren't doing it well.


Why? Because of a lack of strategy.

​You can't just have a great lead magnet or an awesome funnel or a convincing landing page. You need all of them to work together.

Plus, there's so many factors to consider:


  • How to craft compelling subject lines

  • What to ask on your lead generation form

  • Ensuring compliance with CAN-SPAM and GDPR

  • Where and how to place a pop-up on your website without damaging your SEO

  • And so much more

That's why all of our lead generation packages include complimentary strategy sessions, so we can look at your lead generation structure holistically.


Got 40 hours?

Look, you could totally do all of this yourself.

  • You could create an incredible, mission-oriented lead magnet. (10 hours)

  • You could craft an amazing funnel that trains your audience to open your emails and generates sales. (7 hours)

  • You could design a beautiful landing page that draws people in. (10 hours)

  • You could find the right place to advertise and reach your audience. (3 hours)

  • And you could do all of the research and Google and YouTube for hours and struggle with tech and design and copy... (10+ hours)

Or you could hand it off to me, and get back to what God actually called you to.


Do the math. What if you were actually doing the work you do best for that 40 hours? Chances are, you'd make up the cost in no time (especially with your beautifully primed new email list). 

Okay, but why you?

Hi, I'm Emily 👋 and I have a problem: I am WAY too passionate about Catholic lead generation.

I'm obsessed with customer journeys, especially when those journeys involve getting people to heaven (just ask me about my Rule of Seven story - spoiler alert, it involves tears of spiritual revelation).

Case in point: I once built a 75+ email funnel. And I had SO much fun doing it.

In my years of experience working with almost 100 Catholic organizations to help them market like Jesus, my favorite projects are always those that involve drip marketing.

My job is to tell other people about your business or ministry so you can use your talents to bring them to God. 

without this. (Instagram Post).png


Emily Ricci

Gloriam Marketing has been a God-send to my Catholic business! Lead by the brilliant Emily Ricci, Gloriam has provided high-touch strategic planning, effective email campaigns and templates, and superbly designed ad placements that quickly increased my mailing list by over 50%, while delivering a flood of new prospective clients and students. When Facebook suddenly shut down many of its filter settings in late 2021, making it impossible for us to target my ideal customers, Emily pivoted gracefully to LinkedIn ads that performed just as well, bringing my business even more subscribers and an impressive bump in paying clients. I can’t thank Emily enough!

Lisa Mladinich, Wonderfully Made 139

Why St. Andrew?

I think St. Andrew is the unsung first evangelist. After encountering Christ, he ran to his brother Peter and exclaimed that he had found the Messiah. Without St. Andrew getting Peter in front of Christ, we might never have had our first Pope.

I want to be the St. Andrew to your Peter, leading people to you so you can in turn lead them to Christ.


Ready to find the people God has called you to serve? We have two plans for helping you find them! Click "Select plan" to pick yours and place a $50 deposit to reserve your spot!

*Please note that start date is dependent upon current client load.

St. Andrew's


The basics of lead generation. Save $200!*


Lead magnet creation and design

Funnel set-up

One 30-minute strategy session

*Versus booking each service separately. 


St. Andrew's


Everything you need to start getting leads. Save $400!*


Lead magnet creation and design

Funnel set-up

Landing page design and copy

Advertising coordination

Two 30-minute strategy sessions

*Versus booking each service separately. 

  • Being Social on Social
    Creating community online has never been easier thanks to social media. Churches can utilize social media to foster their in-person communities digitally...but do you know how? In this workshop, we'll go over the basics of social media and how to create a dynamic social media presence for your parish that not only fosters your congregation's connection, but also works to expand your reach as an evangelization tool in your local area.
  • Branding Basics
    Does reading the church bulletin seem like a font selection guide? Can parishioners identify when a mailing is from you? Branding covers so much more than your visual identity - it also aids how people feel when they think about your church. In this workshop, we'll dive into how to select fonts and colors that represent your church, creating a brand guide (and how to have it implemented, even among volunteers), and honing in on your church's unique personality.
  • Making an Entrance: Identifying Entrypoints
    We often wish we could reach our less active parishioners - but when we do, we fail to capitalize on the moment! Key moments for conversion like CAPE (Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Easter) and sacraments are often overlooked from a communications standpoint, but there are so many things you can do to capitalize on these pivotal moments. In this workshop, we'll work to identify the key entrypoints for your parish and brainstorm communications methods to bring them back to church.
  • Beyond Envelopes: Welcoming New Parishioners
    What's the first thing new parishioners get when they register at your parish? A nice big stack of envelopes? Because nothing says welcome like give us money! In this workshop, we'll go over some welcome strategies you can put in place to get parishioners from passive registrants to active participants. Ideas discussed include recruitment strategies, registration letters and swag, and digital follow-up strategies.





Here at Gloriam, we are heaven-bent on just that: helping you get people to heaven.

And the best way to do that? A Catholic lead generation program.

Let's build the Kingdom together,

one email at a time.

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