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Effective + easy-to-edit templates to better promote RCIA and fill up your classes

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Let's fill up your RCIA room.

Tired of putting so much effort into your RCIA program only to get one or two participants? Good, because that ends now.

Because the main reason your incredible program isn't already full isn't lack of conversions; it's lack of good marketing.


Outdated design + insider language + only advertising in the bulletin = literally preaching to the choir (who are already sacramentalized).

Thankfully, there's an easy fix. I've done all the work for you; all you have to do is plug in your information, start sharing, and get ready for some big Holy Spirit movement.

Now your only problem will be to find a room big enough to fit everyone.


promotion formula


The biggest mistake parishes make in promoting RCIA is not knowing who they're actually trying to market to. Getting super specific on who you're trying to welcome into the process is integral for everything else to work.

Pain Point

Once you know who you're talking to, then you need to figure out why they are pursuing RCIA. Because someone who is seeking spiritual answers has very different needs than someone trying to fulfill a marriage requirement.


After you know who you're talking to and their "why," now you have to sell them on why RCIA is the solution to that problem - like helping them build a relationship with Jesus, not how many classes they have to attend.

All of that tells you the language to use in your promotion - then you have to actually promote it where they are (aka not reading your bulletin.)

So you could do all of that.

Or, you can just use what I already created for you. ⬇

Becoming Catholic Bulletin Flyer.png

RCIA gets a makeover.

(and no, I'm not talking about OCIA)

Here's what you get inside the RCIA Promotion Pack:

7 Editable Bulletin & Promotional Flyers

14 Social Media Posts and Captions (including 3 Reels/TikToks!)

2 RCIA Info Session Landing Page Templates

5 "Just Copy and Paste" Automated Email Templates

Parishioner promotional swag design template

10 Things to Know Freebie Starter Template

Facebook/Instagram ad design, copy, and training

Planning resources:

  • RCIA Promotion Schedule

  • 9 Unique Places to Promote RCIA (Besides the Bulletin)

  • RCIA Intro Event Sample Schedule & Naming Ideas

  • Freebie Ideas Sheet

  • 33 Questions to Ask to Find Your RCIA Target Audience

All created with audience, pain point, and transformation in mind, so you can just plug and play

Your RCIA ads are keeping people from converting.


Planning Resources (2).png



Let's fill up your RCIA classes without filling up your schedule with marketing tasks.

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