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A Catholic marketing agency that helps you

market  likeJesus


We help you reach the people God has called you to serve while getting back to what He actually called you to, faster.

So God put this crazy call to ministry on your heart. You resisted at first, but finally gave in with a hearty, "Jesus, I trust in You."


Except, you find yourself spending more time promoting your work than actually doing it, and STILL not reaching the people you want to reach. You just want to get back to what God actually called you to do in the first place.

Let us be your modern-day Mary Magdalene: We'll promote your work, so you can promote Him.

What  We Do

Catholic marketing for His greater glory

Simply put? We want to bring people to heaven, and we believe Catholic marketing can do just that.

Here's how.

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Imagine if you could spend as much time fulfilling the spiritual needs of your parishioners as you do worrying about finances and operations.


We can't help you with confessions or spiritual direction, but we can help you get more parishioners and communicate to those you already have. Let us do what we do best (marketing) so you can do what you do best: ministering to your people.


No one told you that running a ministry would involve so much behind the scenes work. You never wanted to be a CEO; you just want to offer your gifts to the world. Let's get you back to the work God actually called you to.

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Catholic marketing



What if marketing could be holy? (And not just the "sanctifying" kind that comes with troubleshooting a WordPress code or trying to post a Reel on Instagram.)


But what if it was just as holy as the work God has actually called you to do?


Spoiler alert: It is.


And what's more, it's actually a part of the call to holiness for those you serve, too.


Once you unlock that holiness, marketing becomes, if not easy, a sacrifice you're more than willing to make to share the talents God has uniquely given you.

Because here's the thing: Jesus marketed. The evangelization strategies He and the apostles used to grow the Early Church are the same ones we use today in marketing. Catholic marketing is simply evangelization.

And if that's the have a sacred responsibility to market the gifts and talents God has given you, per the Great Commission.

So let us teach you how to make disciples - for your brand, yes, but ultimately for Him.

How We Do It

First and foremost, we start with prayer.

Then, we get to work highlighting the True, Good, and Beautiful of your organization.


Want to get back to the real work of ministry? We've got you covered. From digital and print design to copywriting and email marketing, we can help you get back to your ministry while we take care of the behind-the-scenes work.


We offer a variety of digital and physical products to help with your Catholic marketing efforts, including welcome bags for parishes, social media caption templates, and more.


Looking for more of a DIY option? Our Catholic marketing one-on-one trainings can get you the education you need to make your ministry be the light in the darkness.

Why We Do It

After eight years in parish work, our founder, Emily, realized something: Evangelization is basically just Catholic marketing. Then why was the Church so afraid of it? She set out to change that.

We're not just another marketing agency; we're Catholics first and marketers second. With training in both marketing and theology, you can trust us with your ministry.


Not sure where to start?

Try our FREE course to get started in
marketing your ministry!


Marketing God's Way

(A $50 value!)

Our Clients

Our clients are doing some pretty great things for Christ, and we're so honored to be a small part of their ministry work.

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"I cannot even begin to say how grateful I am for Emily and Gloriam in building our new parish website! We wanted an entirely new website, not just a refresh of what we had, and they made it so easy for us the entire way...I feel like our website isn't just a glorified bulletin host any more but is now more visually appealing and both formative and informative for our visitors. I cannot recommend them enough!"

- St. John the Evangelist Church, Clomnel, KS

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