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5 Essential Communications Strategies to


Fill Your RCIA Classes

If the apostles converted 3,000 people in one day...

Why is it so hard to get five people to sign up for RCIA?!

You've spent all of this time putting together an incredible, life-altering RCIA program...only for one or two people to show up. 

Listen, every soul counts. Even if you only have one person in RCIA each year, that one sheep matters.

But imagine the impact on your church - and the world - if you could multiply those numbers, loaves and fishes style.

Hi, I'm Emily, parish employee-turned-Catholic marketing expert and owner of the Catholic marketing agency, Gloriam Marketing.


And I'm here to tell you that the reason you aren't getting more candidates and catechumens isn't just because we're living in a post-Christian society.

It's because of how you're promoting it.

(Zero judgment, by the way. You're wearing 37 hats and it's a lot faster to just reuse the same flyer each year.)

But my job is to teach you why that's not working and how to promote it well so we can get standing-room-only numbers for the Easter Vigil.

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By the end of this webinar, you'll know:

Why your current RCIA promotion strategy isn't working

Time-saving tips to promote it effectively without adding a ton more work

A step-by-step marketing strategy to reach the people who actually need RCIA so you can grow your program

This is soul-saving stuff right here.

Who is this for?

If you're only promoting RCIA in the bulletin...

If you're using the word "RCIA" in your promotion...

If you've got a crushing-the-head-of-Satan powerful program but no one showing up...

You need the tips I'm sharing in this webinar.





Or anyone who handles the bulletin, website, email newsletter, or social media



Or anyone involved in Faith Formation and Evangelization


You're going to need a

bigger room

for RCIA this year.

Because after this webinar, you're going to walk away with such a solid RCIA marketing plan that you'll need an extra bottle of the Oil of Catechumens in 2024.

Watch the webinar replay here.

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